In many countries, it’s a struggle to live without having a good paying job. In Vienna, there are many places to work, but you must be qualified for these jobs. Even though Austrians can begin working at age 15, the jobs are limited to the experiences that you have as well. Professional training and apprenticeships are offered to those entering the work field, but they need to finish compulsory education before any employment can be achieved.

            There be qualified the option of part time working and seasonal work. The work Professional training common in Vienna due to its tourism. Hotels are always in need of employees in the capital city. Agriculture and forestry are also in need throughout the year. In Austria the option of freelancing is growing as well.

                        Full-Time & Part-Time Work

            With full-time employees, there is a typical contract of employment. It basically states the rights, insurance options, and any type of leave information. This is a normal contract that most countries use. For part-time employees, they have the same type of contract, but it is limited a little bit. They have the sickness protection clause, accident, unemployment, and pension insurance information on the contracts too.  With the fixed term, the contracts are different in the fact that the employment will end when the contract ends. There will be a specific date on it.


            Apprentices are called trainees as well. They will end their contract by signing off on it when they have fulfilled their training. Also, becoming a certain age will end their training too. They require an attorney to assist them in their contracts. They will get full insurance coverage and will be protected from getting fired or asked to quit their training. The insurance coverage is great considering the age and opportunities that are given to them.

                        Commuting to Work

            In Austria, commuting of some kind is what over a million workers do daily. Many Austrians travel for over an hour just to go to work. Then they drive another hour to go home at the end of the day. The people of Austria are always on the go. Even when they have responsibilities at home. They usually work long hours and they are very stressed out. In Vienna, local transportation has been a huge topic of discussion lately. The people of Vienna would like more public transportation and four-day work weeks, so they can take care of their private life and responsibilities at home. In Austria, they have developed a travel deduction plan. Travel costs to and from work are added to paychecks of the employees who are commuting a certain number of miles each day. It is a flat rate and helps many Austrians. There is also a commuter package and commuter travel rate. These are certain benefits that you can qualify for when working in the country. Each employer has this information and there are forms that employees can fill out and gain approval for their commutes.