There are a number of brand names dominating the market for stand mixers. Each one of them is claiming to produce the best stand mixer. Here is a list of well-known makers of hand mixers.

Breville originated in Australia in 1932. Breville has three lines of mixers available to the public for household use. Their top of the line product is the Bakery Chef™. Sold at $399.95, this one is ideal for hard mixing because it was designed for heavy duty work. Another line for stand mixer by Breville is the Scraper Mixer® Pro. Sold at $299.95, this one is perfect for household use. Breville also has the Handy Mix Scraper™ which is priced at $129.95.

Cuisinart started in 1971 bringing food processor to the American consumers. Although they are a more popular brand for a food processor, they also have other kitchen appliances including stand mixers. Their most favored line is the Precision Master™ 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer. At $199, the homeowners can have a stand mixer with a full die-cast body, 500-watt motor and 12-speed setting that they could enjoy. More so, they have available attachments for the stand mixers such as a pasta extruder, a pasta roller, a frozen dessert maker, and a meat grinder for an additional cost.

Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company is a supplier of home appliances and restaurant equipment. Their kitchen appliances include blenders, food processors, coffee makers, and stand mixers, to name a few. Their best-selling stand mixer is the Eclectrics® All-Metal Stand Mixer. Priced at $199.99, you will be getting all your money’s worth. The body has an all-metal frame that was designed to last. It has a 400-watt motor that is capable of daily use.

Kenmore is a popular brand for household appliances however these products are usually outsourced from other big companies. More so, their products are sold in many retail stores in the US. Their most reviewed stand mixer is the Kenmore Elite Ovation 5-Quart Stand Mixer. Price at $350, it has a 500-watt motor, a 10-speed setting, a 5-quart glass bowl, and attachments.

KitchenAid started selling stand mixers way back in 1919. The most popular line of the brand is the Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. It features a 10-speed setting and comes with the mixer is a 5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl. It also has a lot of colors to choose from. KitchenAid is probably the stand mixers that have the most number of attachments that are compatible with. Because of which, the mixer can be anything you want it to be, from food processor to juicer, to meat grinder and even as ice cream maker.

To sum it all up, a top-of-the-line mixer is definitely an investment you have to think several times before coming up with a decision. If your needs are simple, maybe a cheap hand mixer is the one for you. However, if you want durability and functionality, the investment you made for getting the best stand mixer will eventually pay off.