You may have heard of these very common dog treats. They are sold in a lot of the pet stores and in many stores that have a pet section. Pig ears sound gross, but are they actually pig ears? Yes, they most definitely are real pig ears. While they sound pretty gross, your dog seems to love them. These doggy favorites are actually not so good for your pup.

Salmonella is a dangerous bacterium to be dealing with and it’s absolutely not good to be ingesting. This type of bacteria can lead to a very serious sickness in your dog. The problem with the pig ears is that they are meat based. These pig ears have had to be recalled multiple times because they had found salmonella in some. The most recent recall actually has occurred this year on some types of pig ears.

According to, dogs are capable of biting off a rather large portion of these pig ears and they can accidentally swallow it, which may cause your dog to choke. If they do swallow a big piece and do not choke, this can cause a big problem in the dog’s body. The large piece may make it so far in the body but end up blocking something a long the line, causing the dog to have an intestinal blockage. This can actually happen with many times of treats like this or rawhide bones for your dog. So, always be aware of this when you are giving your dogs these types of treats. It’s important to keep an eye on them as they are eating these to make sure that something doesn’t go wrong.

The initial question I had after seeing these dog treats was, why are pig ears being sold as dog treats if the veterinarians say not to feed your dog any type of pork? Well, these aren’t good for your dog right along with pork. These pig ears are fatty and not so good to be giving your dog all of the time. Also, since pig ears are full of fat, which makes it a lot harder for your dog’s body to digest. If you are going to be feeding your dog these treats try to make it a special treat that they don’t get all the time. If your dog is overweight or has health issues, it would be best for you to not give your dogs pig ears, but rather something healthier. You should ask your veterinarian if you are going to give your dog pig ears and the dog has health problems.