When SodaStream began, they were the one soda maker that was on the market. Today, that’s not the story. There are many options with soda makers on the market and this article will highlight a few of these soda makers.

            All these soda makers are top-rated products and aim to keep their customers satisfied.

                                    The Five Best Soda Makers

  • SodaStream Source: This is a compact soda maker, its very small and does not take up very much space at all.  It is available in black, white, and red. The white one is priced cheaper. You can make up to a liter of drinks at one time. It has an LED indicator as a part of the settings features. When your beverage has finished, a high-pitched sound is made, and the taste is amazing, clean, and delightful. If its flavors that you’d like, SodaStream Source has many of them to mix it up a little. SodaStream is steadily dominating the industry daily.
  • KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker: This is a great beverage maker and it gets great reviews as well. If you already have KitchenAid appliances, then you’re probably favorable to this brand. That’s one reason why its our list. It is sturdy, dependable, and available in several different colors. The downfall is that its price is twice what SodaStream costs. It is the same as SodaStream, prototype and all, however, its in fancier packaging. It is very nice-looking sitting on your counter and matching everything else, but if you do not want to spend money, I’d reevaluate things.
  • iSi Soda Siphon: This is a nice hand help device that is used to make seltzer. Instead, now we called it, the siphon.  This siphon is a great way to create homemade soda, and much safer too. This cannot explode under pressure, like others can, which is a huge plus. There is nothing complicated to do, and it takes little or no time to prepare your delicious sodas and drinks. This is much cheaper than previous beverage makers, and it lasts forever. You will need special tools to remove the chamber for cleaning, but it may be what you’re looking for today.
  • Drink mate Beverage Carbonation: This is a great little device, and it will carbonate almost all beverages that you choose. You can put anything liquid and drink worthy and get a great result. You must get to know the machine in order to perfect the amount of fizziness. This is not compatible with SodaStream products.
  • Flavor station Home Beverage Maker: This is the biggest budget item on the list. It’s a smaller version of most beverage makers, but the capacity is smaller as well. It uses 20-ounce carbon dioxide canisters that can get expensive to replace. This for those in dorm rooms or close spaces. The roommate situation will be a great place for you to have one of these in your room or common areas. It’s a fine product with some great people who stand behind it.