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GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger Review

Powerful Motor

In order to ensure a clean and accurate cut, I need a lawn edger that can withstand long periods of use without reducing the amount of power it is giving me. The GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger is powerful enough to provide me with this, letting me spend as much time as I need perfecting the lawn of the client I am servicing. This lawn edger has a 12 Amp motor that provides plenty of power to the blades to ensure that I am making the most of my time and not straining to cut thick growth that a weaker motor might not be able to handle, or one that might slow down due to the excess.

GreenWorks 27032

GreenWorks 27032 Review

Another reason that the GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger is able to handle any sort of growth I may encounter is the thick and durable blade that it comes equipped with. The blade measures a nice 7.5 inches in size and is double edged as well, making sure that I am not missing out on any of my targeted grass. It provides a clean and swift cut, no matter how thick the material that I am edging might be. This also gives me the peace of mind of knowing that I am going to get plenty of usage out of the GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger without having to sharpen my blades, making this perhaps the best lawn edger in terms of longevity.

Not only is this blade ultra sharp and sturdy, it features the ability to change its depth at any time. The GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger comes with a spring assisted front wheel that lets me change out the depth of the blade with almost no effort at all. Not only does this provide me with a more efficient cutting experience overall, it reduces the time I usually have to spend adjusting my lawn edgers to fit my needs at the time, allowing me to get my work done much more swiftly.

If I am going to be working long hours in the summer as I often do, the last thing I want to worry about is getting stuck in the sweltering summer heat for too long, which is uncomfortable on its own. The GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger features an adjustable auxiliary handle that gives me the ultimate control over my lawn edger, furthering the precision benefits that the adjustable blades already offer. This also provides me with immeasurable comfort that takes away some of the strain and stress I would otherwise put on my body in order to push around an uncomfortable edger.

Running over the blades on most electrical lawn edgers is a concern that I often have. If I nick the cord, that is usually the end of my ability to use it. I do not have that problem with the GreenWorks 27032 12 Amp Corded Edger! This lawn edger features a cord that comes out of the tall handle itself instead of coming out near the bottom, making sure that I am always keeping the cord away from the ground and thereby away from the blades. Alongside being able to always keep my eye on the cord placement, it comes with an integrated cord locking feature that stops me from accidentally disconnecting the lawn edger from the power source which helps me get the job done more quickly. Every detail counts and this company apparently knows that.

The Best Soda Makers Today

When SodaStream began, they were the one soda maker that was on the market. Today, that’s not the story. There are many options with soda makers on the market and this article will highlight a few of these soda makers.

            All these soda makers are top-rated products and aim to keep their customers satisfied.

                                    The Five Best Soda Makers

  • SodaStream Source: This is a compact soda maker, its very small and does not take up very much space at all.  It is available in black, white, and red. The white one is priced cheaper. You can make up to a liter of drinks at one time. It has an LED indicator as a part of the settings features. When your beverage has finished, a high-pitched sound is made, and the taste is amazing, clean, and delightful. If its flavors that you’d like, SodaStream Source has many of them to mix it up a little. SodaStream is steadily dominating the industry daily.
  • KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker: This is a great beverage maker and it gets great reviews as well. If you already have KitchenAid appliances, then you’re probably favorable to this brand. That’s one reason why its our list. It is sturdy, dependable, and available in several different colors. The downfall is that its price is twice what SodaStream costs. It is the same as SodaStream, prototype and all, however, its in fancier packaging. It is very nice-looking sitting on your counter and matching everything else, but if you do not want to spend money, I’d reevaluate things.
  • iSi Soda Siphon: This is a nice hand help device that is used to make seltzer. Instead, now we called it, the siphon.  This siphon is a great way to create homemade soda, and much safer too. This cannot explode under pressure, like others can, which is a huge plus. There is nothing complicated to do, and it takes little or no time to prepare your delicious sodas and drinks. This is much cheaper than previous beverage makers, and it lasts forever. You will need special tools to remove the chamber for cleaning, but it may be what you’re looking for today.
  • Drink mate Beverage Carbonation: This is a great little device, and it will carbonate almost all beverages that you choose. You can put anything liquid and drink worthy and get a great result. You must get to know the machine in order to perfect the amount of fizziness. This is not compatible with SodaStream products.
  • Flavor station Home Beverage Maker: This is the biggest budget item on the list. It’s a smaller version of most beverage makers, but the capacity is smaller as well. It uses 20-ounce carbon dioxide canisters that can get expensive to replace. This for those in dorm rooms or close spaces. The roommate situation will be a great place for you to have one of these in your room or common areas. It’s a fine product with some great people who stand behind it.

Pig Ears: Why They Aren’t Good to Give Your Dog

You may have heard of these very common dog treats. They are sold in a lot of the pet stores and in many stores that have a pet section. Pig ears sound gross, but are they actually pig ears? Yes, they most definitely are real pig ears. While they sound pretty gross, your dog seems to love them. These doggy favorites are actually not so good for your pup.

Salmonella is a dangerous bacterium to be dealing with and it’s absolutely not good to be ingesting. This type of bacteria can lead to a very serious sickness in your dog. The problem with the pig ears is that they are meat based. These pig ears have had to be recalled multiple times because they had found salmonella in some. The most recent recall actually has occurred this year on some types of pig ears.

According to, dogs are capable of biting off a rather large portion of these pig ears and they can accidentally swallow it, which may cause your dog to choke. If they do swallow a big piece and do not choke, this can cause a big problem in the dog’s body. The large piece may make it so far in the body but end up blocking something a long the line, causing the dog to have an intestinal blockage. This can actually happen with many times of treats like this or rawhide bones for your dog. So, always be aware of this when you are giving your dogs these types of treats. It’s important to keep an eye on them as they are eating these to make sure that something doesn’t go wrong.

The initial question I had after seeing these dog treats was, why are pig ears being sold as dog treats if the veterinarians say not to feed your dog any type of pork? Well, these aren’t good for your dog right along with pork. These pig ears are fatty and not so good to be giving your dog all of the time. Also, since pig ears are full of fat, which makes it a lot harder for your dog’s body to digest. If you are going to be feeding your dog these treats try to make it a special treat that they don’t get all the time. If your dog is overweight or has health issues, it would be best for you to not give your dogs pig ears, but rather something healthier. You should ask your veterinarian if you are going to give your dog pig ears and the dog has health problems.

Natural Vs. Organic Products: A Confused Buyers Guide to Eco Friendly Products

Lately, there has been a change in cosmetics, household cleaning products, food and even dog foods which have coined two phrases: ‘organic’ and ‘natural’. Are the two terms interchangeable or do they have two different meanings?

The answer is no, they are not interchangeable. Basically the only thing in common is that each product using these two labels substitute a chemical product with natural or organic materials that are supposed to be not only better for the user but also the environment. Although the FDA requires manufactures to list all ingredients in descending order of concentration on the product labels it does not regulate the term ‘organic’ or ‘natural’.

Many manufactures have made up strict regulations internally to abide by for all products that are produced within their walls. Organic simply means that the botanical product was grown in a chemical-free environment. Natural on the other hand means that the final product has been made solely from botanical resources without any use of additives or preservatives.

Some popular organic products are Dr. Hauschka’s, Juice Beauty and L’Occitane. For American cosmetic companies many companies follow along with the National Organic Program which is a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture which requires that at least 95% of the product is organic. For products that are certified organic, one will notice there is a stamp of approval or states it is has been certified as organic. To make things more confusing for consumers, there are products available that state they are ‘made with organic ingredients’. This means there is at least 70% of organic material that has been used.

As for the term natural, there is no specific organization or U.S. department that has any sort of regulation placed on these products. So, therefore a company can produce just about anything and say it is natural. It is not to say that some companies are honest about the products, there are reputable ones, however it is not to say that there is some out there feeding on the eco-conscious consumers. Most of the companies that state the product are natural means that there are no synthetic additives such as color chemicals chemical preservatives or even chemical fragrances. Some popular cosmetic products under this category are ‘Decleor’, ‘Johnathan Products’ and “Skyn Iceland’ products. One of the most famous cosmestic products is the natural makeup lines such as “Mineral” that has natural sunblock. Yes, this is true, they actually contain some metals that actually protect against the sun. If the package does not state that it contains sun protection, you should consider putting on a sunblock before using though.

At first the basic concept of organic or natural products was to conserve the environment from chemical pesticide and fertilizers. Today, since the increase in the concern over the environment, many companies are trying to reach out to the billion dollar eco-conscious market. Therefore it is important as a consumer that is willing to most likely pay more money for an eco-friendly product to also check the ingredients. Do not be scammed by those companies that are just in it for the buck. A good way to tell if this is the case, check out the label for natural ingredients and also be conscious of the packaging. True eco-conscious companies will also be careful on the selection of the materials used for packaging. In addition, try checking out the color of the cosmetic product. For instance, if the lotion product is supposed to be made of strawberries, you should see a light strawberry color instead of a dark one. Normally comsmetic products do not have many colors since the processing takes out the color. So, this is a good indication of a good product that is eco-friendly or not.

The Best of the Best Stand Mixers

There are a number of brand names dominating the market for stand mixers. Each one of them is claiming to produce the best stand mixer. Here is a list of well-known makers of hand mixers.

Breville originated in Australia in 1932. Breville has three lines of mixers available to the public for household use. Their top of the line product is the Bakery Chef™. Sold at $399.95, this one is ideal for hard mixing because it was designed for heavy duty work. Another line for stand mixer by Breville is the Scraper Mixer® Pro. Sold at $299.95, this one is perfect for household use. Breville also has the Handy Mix Scraper™ which is priced at $129.95.

Cuisinart started in 1971 bringing food processor to the American consumers. Although they are a more popular brand for a food processor, they also have other kitchen appliances including stand mixers. Their most favored line is the Precision Master™ 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer. At $199, the homeowners can have a stand mixer with a full die-cast body, 500-watt motor and 12-speed setting that they could enjoy. More so, they have available attachments for the stand mixers such as a pasta extruder, a pasta roller, a frozen dessert maker, and a meat grinder for an additional cost.

Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company is a supplier of home appliances and restaurant equipment. Their kitchen appliances include blenders, food processors, coffee makers, and stand mixers, to name a few. Their best-selling stand mixer is the Eclectrics® All-Metal Stand Mixer. Priced at $199.99, you will be getting all your money’s worth. The body has an all-metal frame that was designed to last. It has a 400-watt motor that is capable of daily use.

Kenmore is a popular brand for household appliances however these products are usually outsourced from other big companies. More so, their products are sold in many retail stores in the US. Their most reviewed stand mixer is the Kenmore Elite Ovation 5-Quart Stand Mixer. Price at $350, it has a 500-watt motor, a 10-speed setting, a 5-quart glass bowl, and attachments.

KitchenAid started selling stand mixers way back in 1919. The most popular line of the brand is the Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. It features a 10-speed setting and comes with the mixer is a 5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl. It also has a lot of colors to choose from. KitchenAid is probably the stand mixers that have the most number of attachments that are compatible with. Because of which, the mixer can be anything you want it to be, from food processor to juicer, to meat grinder and even as ice cream maker.

To sum it all up, a top-of-the-line mixer is definitely an investment you have to think several times before coming up with a decision. If your needs are simple, maybe a cheap hand mixer is the one for you. However, if you want durability and functionality, the investment you made for getting the best stand mixer will eventually pay off.

Employment in Austria

In many countries, it’s a struggle to live without having a good paying job. In Vienna, there are many places to work, but you must be qualified for these jobs. Even though Austrians can begin working at age 15, the jobs are limited to the experiences that you have as well. Professional training and apprenticeships are offered to those entering the work field, but they need to finish compulsory education before any employment can be achieved.

            There be qualified the option of part time working and seasonal work. The work Professional training common in Vienna due to its tourism. Hotels are always in need of employees in the capital city. Agriculture and forestry are also in need throughout the year. In Austria the option of freelancing is growing as well.

                        Full-Time & Part-Time Work

            With full-time employees, there is a typical contract of employment. It basically states the rights, insurance options, and any type of leave information. This is a normal contract that most countries use. For part-time employees, they have the same type of contract, but it is limited a little bit. They have the sickness protection clause, accident, unemployment, and pension insurance information on the contracts too.  With the fixed term, the contracts are different in the fact that the employment will end when the contract ends. There will be a specific date on it.


            Apprentices are called trainees as well. They will end their contract by signing off on it when they have fulfilled their training. Also, becoming a certain age will end their training too. They require an attorney to assist them in their contracts. They will get full insurance coverage and will be protected from getting fired or asked to quit their training. The insurance coverage is great considering the age and opportunities that are given to them.

                        Commuting to Work

            In Austria, commuting of some kind is what over a million workers do daily. Many Austrians travel for over an hour just to go to work. Then they drive another hour to go home at the end of the day. The people of Austria are always on the go. Even when they have responsibilities at home. They usually work long hours and they are very stressed out. In Vienna, local transportation has been a huge topic of discussion lately. The people of Vienna would like more public transportation and four-day work weeks, so they can take care of their private life and responsibilities at home. In Austria, they have developed a travel deduction plan. Travel costs to and from work are added to paychecks of the employees who are commuting a certain number of miles each day. It is a flat rate and helps many Austrians. There is also a commuter package and commuter travel rate. These are certain benefits that you can qualify for when working in the country. Each employer has this information and there are forms that employees can fill out and gain approval for their commutes.